Faïence de Quimper dans le Yomiuri Shimbun / カンペール焼(読売新聞)

La célèbre faïence de Quimper est à l’honneur dans la presse japonaise (Yomiuri Shimbun) aujourd’hui avec cet article en anglais.

Si vous passez par Quimper, n’hésitez pas à vous arrêter au superbe Musée de la Faïence, vous ne le regretterez pas  http://www.musee-faience-quimper.com/


A shop clerk displays a hand-painted artisan pottery from Quimper, France.

Mina Mitsui / Yomiuri Shimbun

The classic souvenir from a trip to Brittany, western France, is Quimper ware, known for its distinct glazes in pastel shades such as yellow and blue.

With a population of about 60,000, Quimper is a city located on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. Its pottery industry dates back to around the late 17th century to early 18th century.

Unglazed plates and vases are individually hand-painted by artisans.

The pottery is a customary gift for weddings and baby showers. One well-known design features a girl in traditional costume with a white hat and apron.

There is only one kiln where this pottery is fired using traditional methods, and each piece is signed by the artisan.

Elodie Renault, a souvenir shop clerk, said, “One of our most popular items is the cup for dry cider, which is a regional specialty.”

A plate 30 centimeters in diameter costs about 30 euros (about 3,900 yen), while a cup is about 20 euros (about 2,600 yen).


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